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Sailing lessons in Miami 
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Friends getting certificate together
Husband and Wife team
Couple Certificates
Working together
On the boat (4)
On the boat (5)
Working together (2)
Working together (3)
Maps gone crazy!
Studying hard!
Husband and Wife (2)
Father and Son Team
Father and Son Team (2)
Saling Together
Sailing Together (2)
Saling Together (3)
On the boat
On the boat (2)
On the boat (3)
Family Team
Dad and the boys... (2)
Dad and the boys...
Dad and the boys... (3)
Dad and the boys... (4)
Dad and the boys... (5)
Family Time
Family Time (2)
Family Time (3)
Too cute!
Dining area
Beautiful Flowers
Crazy Captain!
Small boat
Skyline (2)
House on Stilts
House on Stilts (2)
News Article
sailing lessons
no wind yet
learning the lines
sailing lessons in the boat
Night sail
Sailing Lessons complete
Tall ship lessons
ASA Sailing Lessons
Another successful day of sailing in Miami