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My husband and I just finished a weekend course of ASA 104 with Captain Jeff. We moved to Miami recently and had not been out sailing since last summer, and it had been a year since my ASA 103 course. Captain Jeff was very thorough in explaining all the systems of both his boat and how they might vary on different boats. We came out of the overnight trip feeling very confident in our knowledge and excited to get back out on the water again soon. Highly recommend Captain Jeff and his sailing school.

Annika F

May 06, 2022 – Pinecrest, FL

Excellent sailing course and a lot of fun. Great boat, great captain and a beautiful area to learn sailing. Will be back for ASA 103

David Fitzgerald

Apr 15, 2022 – Chapel hill , NC

Captain Jeff is a great instructor. He made us feel very comfortable and allowed us to learn from our mistakes, which was great. I won't be winding the winch counter clockwise again. He is friendly and knowledgeable, which is a perfect combination for the 101 course. We enjoyed our time so much that we will continue other courses with him. Thanks again Captain Jeff.

Orlando O

Mar 30, 2022 – NEW YORK, NY

4 awesome days with Captain Jeff getting the ASA 103 &104 certification. He was a great teacher: fun, organized, professional and very knowledgeable. Extremely strong on boat systems, which we wanted. Taught us a ton and instilled confidence through hands on learning. Highly recommend Captain Jeff!

Art B

Mar 17, 2022 – Boston, MA

Amazing experience! Captain Jeff sets you up to succeed by giving you materials to study before hitting the water. I had great overnight sailing experience. My brother Jon just signed up. We will take the remaining classes together.

Jessica Walker

Jan 18, 2022 – Miami, FL

Jeff was an amazing teacher. Super thorough and very patient. Plus it was incredibly fun!

John McDonald

Jan 17, 2022 – Petoskey , MI

My dad left me his sailboat. I was always a passenger and wasn't 100% confident going out alone so I signed up with Captain Jeff. The first class was a breeze. He sets you up with homework so that your not overwhelmed and know what to expect. Captain Jeff is pretty amazing, easy to communicate with and has a great personality! I plan to get through all certifications with his help. Definitely recommend!

Jennifer Osage

Nov 11, 2021 – Miami, FL

With a few friends, just spent amazing 7 days taking private sailing lesson under Captain Jeff. A long wanted dream finally came true. Captain Jeff, is very knowledgeable, beyond sailing, knows all the details about boat mechanic, great teacher, made the whole learning experience fun and easy, in a very natural organic way! We are coming back for class 114 and would recommend him to all our friends! Tickling tom

Tom Lei

Nov 03, 2021 – San Francisco , FL

I had the pleasure of completing a ASA 101 private lesson with Captain Jeff. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get their feet wet in sailing. Captain Jeff was quick to respond to my initial inquiry, professional, and highly informative. I look forward to continuing my education with him on my next trip to Miami! (Originally posted on Google)

Mia F

Oct 28, 2021 – Miami, FL

These classes are awesome! Captain Jeff does a great job and is very thorough! We are very pleased and excited to now have our certificates for sailing. Would definitely recommend!

Krista S

Oct 11, 2021 – Clearwater, FL