Services ASA 103: Coastal Cruising

Prerequisites: Basic Sailing (ASA 101) certification and the ability to demonstrate competencies in all knowledge and skill elements of that standard.

Pre-study is vital to the success of your course. There will be two tests for this course, one written and one skills. Please study the material outlined below so that you will be prepared at the time of your course and will be able to concentrate on the principles taught by the instructor.

In this course you'll learn: 

To skipper a sloop-rigged keelboat of approximately 25 to 35 feet in length by day in light to moderate winds (up to 20 knots) and sea conditions. 

Knowledge of cruising sailboat terminology, basic boat systems, auxiliary engine operation, docking procedures intermediate sail trim, navigation rules, basic coastal navigation, anchoring, weather interpretation, safety and seamanship.

The "Skills" portion will be taught on the boat. 

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